We are a branding consultancy company specialised in tourism & hospitality in Palma de Majorca and we create and manage Brands.
We do strategy, creativity, design, marketing, communication and content; everything to provide preference and added value to our clients’ Brands.

We Build
Taking the Brand as the guiding element of our work process, we build experiences that are coherent with the Brand's DNA, and we resolve them in any type of support and/or channel, whether printed, digital or physical.

Our tools are strategy, creativity, communication, marketing, design and content creation.

We are specialised in Hospitality & Tourism, where we provide the knowledge and expertise gained during more than 20 years of experience with major Brands in the sector, Independent Hotels and Public Administrations.
To explore and discover
After a immersion process and exhaustive analysis, we find out what makes our customers' Brands relevants and what makes them important in their users lives. We look for their place in the market, we investigate what their audience needs and raise new touching points to connect with their concerns. We name these Brands, we write their history, a tagline, and we go to the essence looking for that word that defines how it is and what it brings.
  • Market studies
  • Brand audit
  • Reputation
  • Positioning, Value Proposition, Brand Promise
  • Naming
  • Brand word, Tagline, Brand story
  • Territories and contents
  • Brand architecture
To specify and materialize
To capture the essence of each Brand in a relevant visual and verbal identity, which helps to align perceptions and multiply the power of communication. We build the visual universe that makes up all the Brand's Graphic Resources. Through the Verbal Identity we delimit how the Brand expresses itself when it talks to its audiences, also the type of messages that articulates.
  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Visual Sdentity Systems
  • Brand Guidelines and Brand Manual
  • Verbal Brand Identity
  • Style and Tone of Communication Manual
To activate
Establishing and strengthening
Creativity, Design, Marketing, Communication and Branded Content at the service of the Brand to develop all kinds of applications that help to grow its value and connect with its users. We accompany our clients in this continuous process with a shared management for their projects and a we coordinate the execution of all the areas of the same one.
  • Brand Implementation Plan
  • Brand Guardian
  • Brand Reputation
  • Communication Plan
  • Strategy and campaign Creativity
  • Graphic design, Editorial design, packaging, Ephemeral Architecture
  • Content creation: editorial, photo & video shooting productions
  • Events, Brand Awareness and Experiential Marketing
  • Digital: WEB Design, UX&UI
  • Audits, implementation, SEO branded content Generation, Monitoring and Follow-up. SEM Strategy and Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy, Management & Marketing
  • WEB and Mobile APP’s Programming. Custom Developments. Systems integrations.
Our goals
Grow Corporate Reputation, Brand Value and Purchasing Preference for our customers' products and services.
To help create lasting relationships between brands and their customers, providing added value through the creation of strategic content, detecting new touching points and/or improving the Brand Experience in existing ones.
Facilitate Business Growth by participating in the centre of innovation processes.
Attracting Talent, generating pride in the internal team.
In other words, to Boost Brands, revitalise them and empower them.
We make the Brand the central axis of the Internal Change of an organisation and a generator of empowering, different and relevant experiences towards the outside.
Mandarina Brand Society Mandarina Brand Society

We are in Palma, we are in San Sebastian, Ibiza, Madrid, or Barcelona…
We are on the other side of the telephone, or replying you an email. Because what it really matters is to be where you are and whenever you need us.

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