Tailoring solutions that uniquely match your needs, dreams and desires.

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Context, challenge and objectives

The creation of a brand is always linked to the area of action and market in which it acts and influences. Thus, understanding a context such as Puerto Rico, with all its particularities, was key for this case.

Puerto Rico as a real estate market is booming thanks to the investments of Americans with high purchasing power who are looking for a more authentic and relaxed lifestyle. They are attracted by an island with a tropical climate, which despite its size, has a diversity of ecosystems, dry and rainforests, mountainous areas, coastal and marine ecosystems, as well as rivers and lakes; in addition to the tax benefits offered by this unincorporated territory of the United States, which acts as a Commonwealth with self-governing status.

Upon meeting Priscilla Ferrer we clearly detected that the key to her success and positioning in the market is intimately linked to her way of working, whose pillars are personalised attention, a lot of training, exclusivity, intuition, passion and a deep know-how of the luxury real estate market in Puerto Rico. Their sensitivity and in-depth knowledge of the market, ranging from the applicable laws, regulations and valuations, as well as the evolution of acquisition and sales behaviour, allows them to detect and offer unique, special and ad-hoc homes to satisfy the dream, desire or need of their clients.

After more than 35 years in the business, one of the challenges for Priscilla Ferrer Estate as a brand was to face and compete with large international real estate companies well established in the luxury real estate sector. 

This challenge, in turn, was the handicap and the differential value of Priscilla Ferrer with respect to its competition. Our aim was to position Priscilla Ferrer Real Estate as a benchmark and a brand worthy of the trust of its clients to acquire a luxury property in Puerto Rico. To do so, we had to define a brand strategy that was faithful to its work philosophy. A visual and verbal identity that would allow it to compete in the market with the big agencies, without falling into the temptation of giving value only to the person, as we are not just talking about a personal brand, but about a culture and a way of working shared by the whole team. Our aim was to transmit the professionalism, passion, knowledge, wisdom and sensitivity that characterises them and allows them to connect, very successfully, the needs of the client with the existing offer on the market.

In a competitive context such as luxury real estate, connections, intuition and legal knowledge make the difference with respect to other professionals in the sector. Recognising and bringing to light those attributes that make Priscilla Ferrer unique and have given her a privileged place in this market was one of the challenges and purposes of the project.

After contextualising and delving deeper into the way she works, we extracted a series of differential values that allowed us to define who Priscilla Ferrer Real Estate is and to reflect this in her identity.

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The strategy.

Matching & tailoring your needs, dreams & desire 

The more we got to know Priscilla, the clearer we knew the direction to aim for. Priscilla Ferrer Real Estate starts from a DNA that makes them unique, as they believe that there is an invisible connection between spaces and the people who inhabit them, an umbilical cord that creates an inexplicable link between properties and people. And this is how we shaped a brand strategy that pivots around their sensitivity and empathy with customers.


They look for the detail that connects the desire of the future owners with the halo and the particular essence of each building, which distinguishes it in a unique and unmistakable way. They are safe and reliable connectors, with the guarantees and experience to offer a personalised, attentive and considerate service until they find their client’s new home. They search with impetus, precision and detail until they find the right place for each personality.  

We defined a value proposition in English “Tailoring solutions that uniquely match your needs, dreams and desires” that summarised and gave enormous relevance to the brand and its positioning in the market. Intuition, which is Priscilla Ferrer’s own value, implies understanding which property matches the needs of each client. The loyal and reliable, sincere and honest way of connecting the house with the new buyer, together with an enormous perseverance in the search process until she found the property that perfectly matches the client’s expectations, made Priscilla Ferrer the perfect professional to find the perfect home for the client, the most suitable luxury residence for every requirement.

Tarjeta Priscilla Ferrer Sobres Priscilla Ferrer
Branding Priscilla Ferrer
Tarjeta Priscilla Ferrer Branding Priscilla Ferrer Real Estate

An identity for a unique way of selling luxury residences.

We shaped the personality traits of Priscilla Ferrer, defining graphic characteristics that conveyed the right balance between reliability and security, uniqueness and sincere messages with a touch of elegance and sensitivity. 

The red expresses the security and solid position of Priscilla Ferrer Real Estate in the market. The typography highlights sensitivity, a different and personal way of understanding the business and the exclusivity of the luxury sector. Its curvilinear details transmit delicacy, authenticity and status at the same time.

The texts are dynamically constructed and are linked by a line that is the graphic manifestation of the connection that Priscilla establishes with each of her interlocutors.

Branding Priscilla Ferrer Real Estate
Aplicaciones Branding
Aplicaciones Branding Branding Priscilla Ferrer
Branding Priscilla Ferrer Real Estate

The website is clear and intuitive with a structure and navigation that is easy, comfortable and generates an emotional connection with the user.

The compositions are light with distinctive elements applied in the creatives with delicacy and presence in unsaturated pieces.

These elements applied to the website reflect the originality and features of this brand, expressing all its authenticity, strength, exclusivity and extraordinarily creative and sensitive sense of know-how. Mandarina Brand Society’s firm intention to build extraordinary high-end brands, the result was an identity that makes a difference and creates a solid positioning in the sector, highlighting the personal stamp that permeates the entire brand as opposed to the large depersonalised real estate agencies.

Branding Priscilla Ferrer Real Estate
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