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At Mandarina Brand Society we like challenges and collaborative projects. As specialists in our area we cover all areas of branding required by our clients, from auditing, analysis and strategic approach, to conceptualization, brand development and subsequent implementation and activation. Our multidisciplinary team allows us to offer a complete service to the brands we are committed to and which commit to us.

Riomar is part of the Tribute Portfolio, one of the premium brands affiliated to Marriot, formed by a family of independent boutique hotels united by the same spirit. On this occasion, the brand identity of Riomar Hotel was already given by the hotel management and the affiliate.

The challenge for Mandarina Brand Society was to be faithful to the differential elements of the brand, transferring and reflecting them in a flexible website. Our know-how as experts has allowed us to capture its identity in the digital environment, providing a user experience that connects with the spirit and essence of Hotel Riomar.

Visual resources

The website presents a structure of moving content and a light navigation. The photographic and audiovisual content stands out thanks to the use of dynamic masks over the images that simulate the organic and curved forms typical of Ibizan constructions. When the user moves the mouse across the web these micro-interactions produce a visual response that generates a constant feedback and dialogue with the user, with the consequent increase in the rate of permanence. We transform navigation into a sensory experience, where we play with the depth of field, resulting in a more dynamic, attractive and satisfying navigation. This active resource allows us to integrate and merge visual content with text in harmony.

The use of corporate colors applied in the different modules, alternating white with more vibrant colors along with other darker shades, is intended to direct the user’s gaze to the most important elements and invite action. We also introduced in the headlines a flexible resource that allows embedding graphic symbols that are part of the identity. Triangles, asterisks… can be introduced in the headlines and displayed dynamically or statically, capturing the user’s attention.

We broke with the more traditional and standard order of hotel websites, where the search engine is usually integrated into the header, placing it below the search engine, which allowed us to prioritize the experience, transmitting the hotel’s own experience within a framework of serenity and contact with Ibiza at first glance without the need for scrolling or navigation.

At the CMS management level, the flexibility of the modules created ad hoc allows the agile self-management of the web and maintain an open structure, which adapts to the communication needs of the client. The search engine was integrated with Marriot’s booking engine.


Aware that nowadays every website has to be responsive, given the very high rate of web browsing via mobile, the design adapts perfectly to the different smartphones, tablets and devices ensuring access to all content. Without giving up the differentiating elements of the web we adapt them for the correct display on all types of monitors. 

A web project of which we are proud both for the final result and for the complexity of transferring a brand already created and in the activation phase to the digital environment, making it as much our own as each of the brands born in Mandarina Brand Society.

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