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Context, challenge and objectives.

Vestige is a family hotel and holiday project, within the exclusive high standing sector, focused on the recovery of historic buildings, rehabilitating them in order to preserve and protect the BIC heritage, as a legacy for future generations. The investments of the family business group are focused on buildings recognised as “cultural assets”, with an outstanding history and architectural relevance in each community, influencing the local landscape.

It is a business project that arises in an appropriate and propitious context, with a consumer who is increasingly sensitive to this type of tourist experience, a client who knows how to appreciate refurbishment projects that respect the history and intrinsic architectural value of the buildings in which they stay. Vestige was born with the acquisition of Palacio Figueras, a first acquisition and intervention that will be followed by Son Vell, Son Veri and Castillo Azagala.


In this context of expansion and growing development, the need to create a mother brand that brings together the different properties under the same umbrella is evident. Each property has its own identity, sharing with the rest of the properties a common nexus, being buildings whose presence and legacy would have been lost if the important and costly work of handcrafted rehabilitation had not been carried out by the Vestige group. Faced with this need, we were faced with the challenge of creating an umbrella brand that would give shelter to the different properties under a common identity and emblem.

The challenge of the project is to create a brand that fulfils a promise, a brand that excites and conveys the meaning, the purpose of the group and serves as a common emblem..

After analysing in depth and with a consolidated methodology the concepts and characteristics of Vestige, we identified a series of values and personality traits that will be the fundamental pillar to develop the brand manifesto;

As we have already mentioned, the uniqueness of the properties, each with its own history and charisma, is the main common element. Another identifying feature is the respect not only for the people but also for the structure, spirit and original materials of the buildings, for the environment in which they are located and its people, for the ancestors and for the wisdom of the craftsmanship on which they were created. Harmony, elegance and sensitivity are other of the features and pillars detected that we are going to capture in the brand, seeking a balance of shapes, textures and colours.

The strategy. Vestige, "A story to live"

We have defined a strategy around the Vestige Collection as a regenerative and respectful tourism experience in a unique, unforgettable, prestigious and unrepeatable environment that conveys harmony and contact with nature. Vestige is the certainty of living a personalised experience in a magical setting. It is the feeling of being the protagonist of a (and of the) beautiful and empowering story of living the local culture.

We bring these values to life through the brand, highlighting a clear commitment to the historical legacy, the land and the locals. We evoke the past lives transmitted by the walls of these buildings, connecting past, present and future. A brand that proposes a new model that allows the viability and the possibility of maintaining the heritage and legacy by opening the doors of these palaces and estates to the public. Thus achieving a second life for these emblematic buildings through a tourist activity based on a model of coexistence and respect.

At Mandarina Brand Society we defined a value proposition (tagline) “A story to live”, which condenses the essence and the pillars of the brand identity: the stories of the territories and geographical locations in which they are located, the life of the place itself, the history of its former inhabitants and, in turn, the story that each client will build through the way they travel and the interaction of their own sensitivity with the environment. Experience the history of each period thanks to the faithful restoration, carried out with the same care and attention with which the original constructions were built, respecting the memory, the original designs and materials, adding the possibilities and comforts of the present day. Quality is paramount in each of the customer’s interactions with the brand.

Brand architecture, visual identity and applications

Due to the business development itself, which initially arose with a single property, reality made it clear that there was a need to create a mother brand that would embrace the entire portfolio of properties with a unified, coherent sense and transmitting the common and shared values of the group’s assets. To create the visual identity, we revalued the familiar symbols that already identified Palacio Figueras, joining them indissolubly with the new Vestige brand, creating a link between the first emblematic building and the umbrella brand. This brand reflects through the isotype, the primary and secondary colours, the typographies and photographic styles chosen, the elegance, leadership, prestige, excellence and exclusivity of Vestige’s highest standards of customer experience, showing at the same time the solidity and delicacy of the project. An isotype that creates continuity between the different properties in the portfolio and reaffirms the presence of the mother brand as the driver of the group’s essential values, to finally distinguish each property with its own typographic logo.

The new umbrella brand embraces and perfectly fits each of the sub-brands of the different properties. These sub-brands were worked on maintaining or creating, depending on the chronological order of acquisition of the property, their own logo and a secondary typography aligned with the visual style of Vestige Collection.  With this solution, we established a concrete link, a personalised and flexible dialogue for each product, reinforcing the main brand. A visual identity that reflects the value proposition and the historicist sense of Vestige.

The final chromatic range is the combination of the elements of the land, the materials and the nature where the properties and their inhabitants are located. The differential elements reflect in a current and timeless way the historicist sense and the relevant presence of a project of this type in the market. The applications implemented in the different properties are easily integrated into the rooms and the architectural style of each one of them, generating a brand experience in keeping with the place.

Photography: Juan Gavilán

Web design and development

Once the brand architecture and its visual identity had been established, we transferred the components and elements we had previously established to the web design. We opted for a multisite scheme that allows each of the websites of each sub-brand to be housed under the same umbrella. In this way, each of the properties has a visual proposal according to its brand identity, framed within a global container for Vestige Collection, and a flexible and adaptable content structure for each location, as well as a booking engine adapted to each property.

The design, navigability and usability of the website are a continuity and faithful reflection of the application and landing of the established brand strategy, its verbal and visual identity and the common attributes of elegance, excellence and heritage that characterise the mother brand.

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