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Context, challenge and objectives

To understand the Amalurra project it is necessary to be carried away by the vision and simplicity, the genuine character full of joy, energy and positivity of a group of powerful women like Irene, Olatz and Susan. And it is also necessary to fall in love (that’s easy) with a natural environment like Enkarterri, the region in the westernmost part of Bizkaia. An infinite tangle of roads, peaks, valleys and more than two hundred caves. Of bugle calls and bonfires that called to meetings, of mountains with iron entrails, of mines and forges, of fire and sweat. A place to discover the deepest part of the Basque culture: much more than a language, a collective way of being and living. 

A place with a special, atavistic and primitive energy that shelters this organic resort that, after more than 30 years in activity as a community, decided to professionalize as an ecohotel maintaining the pillars of sustainability, regeneration of the environment, spirituality and lifestyle. 

The main objective of the project was to redefine the Amalurra brand, which would be the roadmap for future decisions, actions and applications, working on its visual and verbal expression based on a strategy aligned with its new line of business.

The strategy: Where nature & souls connect

The project is born from a deep respect for its roots, its history, and embraces it as its engine of evolution. Their love for the land, for nature, invites them to understand the development of their activity from the respect for it, thus framing it in the field of conscious enjoyment, in balance with the natural and social environment that surrounds them.

In this niche, we quickly detected the enormous potential of Amalurra thanks to its attributes. They have a hostel and a small hotel, several apartments, cabins, a wellness center, 6 rooms for MICE events, a restaurant and a multitude of outdoor spaces that, due to their volume and diversity, allowed them to open up to new markets and respond to different needs that are not well covered in the national territory.

We refer to the growing trend of a model of traveler Mindful Travel, a transformative tourism that seeks tourism experiences that facilitate the balance between physical well-being, emotional health and spiritual peace of travelers through the environment and common spaces offered by the accommodation. In the case of Amalurra, the characteristics of the different spaces allowed us to offer a comprehensive experience and reach different types of customers: families, groups, couples, coaches, trainers … and in turn to groups and MICE events, promoting the deseasonalization and occupancy on weekdays.

From Mandarina Brand Society we summarize its proposal with the tagline “Where nature & souls connect” that conveys the most relevant insights of a project understood as an epicenter of connection with oneself, the community and the environment.

This Amalurra is positioned as one of the leading Eco Resorts for personal development and spirituality, as well as for group activities, incentive trips and professional meetings. A place that connects human beings with nature, accompanying their personal transformation, where guests are provided with an authentic, special place and adequate facilities to foster change, evolution, transformation, connection with other human beings and with the atavistic and powerful energy of nature. A place that fosters human flourishing in collaborative environments and businesses. A place of encounter, renewal and joy. a place of peace, a place of connection.

It is a differential positioning under the shelter of a new, more sustainable, regenerative and human tourism model: an example of how tourism activity is not at odds with very important aspects in this new social and economic context that surrounds us, and how it is necessary to integrate them in its operation in a model of coexistence that also provides authenticity. Amalurra is committed to regenerate a land, recovering land and forests and revitalizing the traditional economic activity of the area (shepherds, artisans, producers) from the respect for tradition, offering its integration into the stay experience. It gives visibility to a culture, the Basque culture, energizes an environment and transforms it into a conscious, sustainable and inclusive leisure proposal that invites us to reconnect.

But Amalurra is also a project conjugated in the plural feminine: led by women and committed to diversity in an industry where women managers do not exceed 25%. A project that is committed to generating a collaborative system where each collaborator and supplier participates in the creation of the experience and benefits from it without renouncing its essence.

A conscious identity connected to its purpose

The reflections and conclusions drawn from the strategic analysis of Amalurra had to be represented both in the design and in its verbal tone as features of expression. Its authenticity, vitality, spirituality and balance translate into an empowering, natural, open, connected and conscious personality. A simple, genuine brand, with a certain underlying purity in everything it does.

We worked on an identity that expressed the emotional connection between individuals and nature, the roots with the earth, a balanced and serene brand that would transmit both dynamism and positivity. For this we applied textures, volumes and a natural color palette where green and earth colors prevail, authentic and without many accessories. An image that connects with the roots, with the inner self and with others.

The verticality of its symbol, an “A” but also an arrow pointing upwards, an ascending path that elevates us and unites mind, sky and earth, reflecting the sense of connection and transformation. The organic, rounded and organic shapes effectively and simply convey the essence and soul of Amalurra.

Web design and development

These same organic and rounded shapes are transferred to the web through the use of masks that outline the videos and images, achieving brand continuity in all applications and capturing its most identifying elements.

The audiovisual and photographic materials created for Amalurra are in tune with the brand itself, transmitting and collecting the Amalurra experience in a serene way. Evoking from our mobile, tablet or computer the sensations and the air that is breathed in the Eco-resort, being able to transport us and imbue us in the universe of the space and environment through the image.

A project that we have enjoyed from beginning to end and that connects with our idea that the tourism model can be reformulated only from the respect for the environment, the tourist himself and the social and economic context.

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