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Objective of the project

The aim of the project was to define in a structured way the Tótem Madrid brand, an elegant and stylish boutique hotel in the heart of Madrid’s Salamanca district, and how to tell the world about it; to find the most suitable territory, a unique value proposition, values and personality and to frame them in a brand platform that could become the roadmap for future strategic decisions.

Based on the strategy, the axes of how the Tótem Madrid brand would be communicated verbally and visually were finally defined.

How have we defined the Tótem Madrid brand?

Through a joint discovery phase with the client, we analysed and brought to the surface the deepest distinguishing characteristics of Tótem Madrid. We brought together the internal perception of the brand, the customer profile, the market and trends in order to find the true essence of Tótem. We searched for the common thread that would allow us to define a solid and clear brand platform in order to build a relevant and credible brand by discovering why Tótem Madrid exists, what it does and how it does it.

Starting with the name, we have given value to this emblem of Madrid, to an iconic hotel at the heart of the city’s style and luxury.

The solution and the strategic approach

The new brand platform highlighted this hotel as an icon of exclusivity, a landmark, positioning it as the place for elegant, discreet encounters. The place in the centre of the centre, the most desirable place for those who want to enjoy the best of the city surrounded by beauty and good design in an exclusive way.

“Tótem Madrid is the place where people aspire to be to freely enjoy a memorable stay and the cultural initiatives we promote. A meeting place in the epicentre of Madrid, where all good things happen, always preserving guests’ privacy and their desire for discretion”.

“Discreetly iconic” is not just the chosen brand tagline, it is a magnet of attraction for its target audience, the perfect connection for people who want to be noticed without being seen; who are elegant and sober but with an original touch that gives rise to a unique personality. A brand that respects customers, employees and people; charismatic and responsible and with an aura of vibrant cosmopolitanism within.

The verbal identity and its communication style show personality traits, reflecting at all times a discreet, elegant, complicit and open attitude.

Visual Brand Identity

The main typography chosen was Beaufort Light with a great contrast between its shapes and with finishes that remind us of the logotype; a very versatile typography that offers excellent legibility. 

Gotham, as a secondary typography, will be used as a support for the reading texts. 

The in-depth study of the photographic style of Tótem Madrid was fundamental to create a new series of inspiring images to highlight the essence of the life experience during stays at the hotel.

The visual identity has given relevance to its most iconic elements, to the accent and to the T.

Black and white as the main colours, reinforced by sober secondary colours present in the hotel, managed to create a visual coherence between the physical space, the communication on social networks, the website and the physical applications.


Tótem Madrid; a powerful brand, renewed and structured from the ground up to consolidate the relevance of an iconic hotel in the centre of Madrid.

Through a strategic brand definition and with a differentiated visual and verbal identity as a result of an enriching joint work with the client, we have come to define an extraordinary brand. Thanks to the involvement of all the team members, this brand will be built day by day by applying the rules contained in a clear and practical brand manual.

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