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Context, challenge and objectives

They say that to innovate is to move forward. To know the past in depth in order to draw a new future. A verb that sounds like modernity and technology but which is the very basis of the evolution of a world as traditional as the world of wine and all that surrounds it.

Innovating is what our client set out to do in this high-end tourist apartments project in the city of Haro, the wine capital of La Rioja. Three spectacular apartments located in the very centre of Haro, in a street adjacent to the Town Hall square, in the heart of the bars and wine area, an ideal location to feel the pulse of the capital of Rioja and enjoy wine first hand.

With wine tourism as a flagship product and the destination booming, our client’s competition comprises a range of local players, who offer an idea of lifestyle linked to the more traditional wine culture, an approach that appeals to the homeland, stone and wood and embraces the more formal and historicist tradition.

But for some time now, La Rioja has been offering a new face and an assault on the purest winemaking tradition, questioned and reinterpreted with respect and in-depth knowledge. Young winemakers who reform concepts, movements that promote knowledge of the world of wine among the youngest, music, gastronomy, activities that break away from the classic and the established, make up a new wine culture in La Rioja that invites us to understand the accommodation from other standards and narratives.

The strategy: breaking with the expected

This context presented us with the opportunity to take ownership of a differentiating territory based on a break with tradition and the expected (without falling into transgression) and the high quality of the service. This strategy was also endorsed by the youth of our client, his hosting skills, his knowledge of the area and its main stakeholders and players (restaurateurs, new winemakers, musicians, artists, etc…) that allowed us to create synergies and build a differential stay experience.

This is how Pura Cepa Urban Suites was born, the brand of tourist apartments to which to entrust a new form of accommodation and wine experience in Haro, with a younger spirit and more distant from the purism of the winemaking tradition, which offers an exclusive stay and experiences with unique projects and its own personality in wine, but also in music, design and urban culture. A way of discovering this new Rioja independently and with different, active and enjoyable experiences.

Living the new wine culture is the tagline that sums up this experience and an ideal accommodation model for those who are looking for a flat in the centre from which to enjoy the activity of Haro, the atmosphere of the bars and wineries, the leisure and cultural life; who want to get to know and integrate into the destination and who are looking for a comfortable, versatile space that reflects their personality and status and that allows them bleisure stays for leisure and nomadic work while they enjoy this new Rioja wine culture.

With a rebellious and non-conformist personality, Puracepa Urban Suites is a questioning, knowledgeable and discovering brand that invites you to explore the destination by day and to enjoy an exclusive stay in the hours of rest.

An extraordinary knowledge of the environment, the protagonists of the socio-cultural scene and the winemakers; intelligence and own criteria to connect different points and needs; high quality service; perseverance to achieve objectives and offer the best experience, and the honesty, clarity and loyalty characteristic of the people of La Rioja are the ingredients in the form of values on which Puracepa Urban Suites is based and which translate into a unique, diligent, passionate and sincere brand.

A brand that also has the opportunity to evolve in the future in the development of its community, offering different lines of business focused on culture and lifestyle, and becoming a reference for a holistic approach to the Riojan identity and its most modern way of approaching the world of wine.

An identity for a new wine culture

To convey these personality traits and the very essence of the brand, we thought of a simple and honest graphic solution, based on the combination of a pair of contrasting colours with a certain elegant and subtle touch that speaks of knowledge and exclusivity and that we work with the typography.

A luminous green became the representation of life and enjoyment in this land that turns green every spring and purple every autumn. We reserved colour for the images that served to present and describe the different spaces and decided to use black and white for the most inspiring part of the lifestyle and experiences.

Illustration, by Lucreativo, plays a fundamental role in the identity. Starting with the idea of the symbol, a simplified and updated vine tendril, a series of line-based illustrations were created which, while maintaining the natural reference and identification, gave it a new, younger and more casual air.

We have transferred this entire visual universe to graphic elements, signage, applied coherently to interiors in a sober manner and highlighting the natural elements of the land, and to a website ( that masterfully combines a composition with editorial and elegant touches with more modern design resources in the treatment of call to actions and navigation elements.

The result is a brand with an extraordinary character, which breaks with the usual codes of what we all expect from a winemaking context and tradition, and which demonstrates that innovation means moving forward and adapting to new times. Knowing the past in depth in order to draw a new future. To look it in the face, with respect, without fear, like the storm clouds that threaten the vineyard. Questioning, taking risks, devising, testing, creating. Like those who brought light to the streets of Haro, making it the first Spanish city with electric lighting; or like those who fought phylloxera in the vineyards at the end of the 19th century.

Connecting dots and proposing new products and experiences based on something that already exists, that is there and that we only have to weave into a narrative thread that offers a new look and a new form. This is the fabric that makes us evolve, as humans, as a society, as businesses and as brands.

Welcome to Puracepa Urban Suites.

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