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The Rebranding project of the Parliament of the Balearic Islands has been an important milestone, because of the specific weight and the public, political and social importance it involves.

The Parliament represents the people of the Balearic Islands and is composed of 59 members whose functions consist of drafting laws, approving budgets, supervising the Government and electing the President of the Balearic Islands.


Why this Rebranding?

The project is framed in the context of the 40th anniversary of the Statute of Autonomy of the islands, a date that serves as an opportunity to propose a necessary review of the elements that today identify the institution and distinguish it from the wide range of local and regional institutions with which it coexists and in which it competes for attention: Town Councils, Island Councils and the Government of the Balearic Islands. 

The goals were several: to stand out from the rest of the institutions, to build brand recognition and to place the Parliament in the public’s mind as a reference institution, and to do so in a way that was coherent with what the institution itself wished to project.

An important assumption for the project was to find the fit between the institution’s values and those of the citizens, reducing the gap that was perceived and which needed to be reviewed. It was necessary to start a new stage in relation to the elements that identify this institution today (the building that is the sovereignty of the people) and to distance itself from the legacy of the past. And it was essential to do so by placing value on transparency, honesty and the institution’s commitment to the current reality of the four islands that make up our Community, as well as that of the people it represents

The aim was to emphasize that the Parliament is the House of all of us, the seat of the popular sovereignty of the Autonomous Community.On the other hand, the current identity lacked a developed visual system beyond a logo and corporate colors. We are talking about a logocentric identity, without any additional assets or guidelines that would allow the construction of a modulated and nuanced brand expression. Nor did it facilitate a good implementation of the brand, which is vital to project it as a solid brand that generates greater engagement and reputation. Widening the range of assets and building such a system would help us to optimise development and maintenance processes, turning every contact point into an opportunity to connect with the citizenry. It also greatly eases the task, costs and time of the internal teams responsible for it.

An identity for an institution open to society  

The project has focused on creating a brand to generate a sense of unity for an institution that holds sovereignty over a physically fragmented territory. Each of the islands also has very similar political and social realities, but with identity nuances that make them unique and different. Translating this diversity presented problems of graphic translation and message.

That is why we decided to focus on what unites us more than on what separates us. To focus it on the open and enterprising spirit of a Balearic citizenship that looks to the future, on the need to have institutions that represent us not only in numerical and territorial proportionality but also in spirit and values. Understanding the Parliament as the place that connects with these concerns and where we work through dialogue for the common good of the four islands through their representation.

Oberts i connectats is the brand promise resulting from this process, a statement of intent and the synthesis of the essence of the Parliament’s brand, which summed up this spirit of openness, transparency, connection and integration with the concerns of society.

The symbol represents the union of the citizens of the four islands aiming at a common goal, united to achieve the same goal. The triangular spaces resulting from this union are symbolic spaces for dialogue, for coexistence, for consensus, which together give rise to a shape reminiscent of a hemicycle, the action space of the Parliament, the centre of the word. It is also an open book, a desire for transparency and shared clarity.

In order to avoid the overlapping of any political brand with the institutional brand, we decided to opt for a colour palette with a high visual impact. Black and white to generate a high contrast and facilitate visibility, legibility and recognition.

We added Turquesa Mediterrani, which from now on will be the main colour of the Parliament. It represents the colour of the element that unites us and defines our common identity, the Mediterranean Sea.

The visual system is completed with two typographies, Lyon Display, a serif, readable, human and with a strong editorial character, which takes the leading role at a visual level and the weight in communication, helping us to transmit the aspects of relationship and connection in different media.

The Inter, on the other hand, is the support font. It is a Google Font sans serif, with geometrical and modern geometric and modern strokes. The lettering of the logo is written in the Medium version of the typography. 

Based on these assets, a visual system is proposed, composed of various elements which, together with the logo

elements that, together with the logotype, build a simple and clear graphic universe in which a layout system, photographic style, various corporate applications, merchandising, vehicle signage and material for social networks have been worked on.

Altogether, a project that shows that branding also improves competitiveness in the case of institutions, differentiating them from each other, bringing them closer and generating a connection with citizens, always clearly conveying their commitment and value proposition.

This project also shows us that, although branding is a discipline that is born and framed within a market context that has little to do with the institutional sphere, it is an indispensable element when it comes to generating a perception of legitimacy, understood as authority, acceptance, significance and relevance in its audiences.

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