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Urbia Services‘ project has been one of the most beautiful we have faced during 2017. The company was already almost 50 years old, but at that time it needed to make a 180º turn. The rebranding project was one more link in the strategic gear prepared by the management to set a new course, a new way of reaching its longstanding clients and those who wanted to be attracted to new lines of business. It was also conceived as an impulse and a motivation for the staff.

We were immediately aware that this new brand had to get its teeth into it, show off all the good things that had enabled them to celebrate their half-century and, above all, clearly convey the company that they were to become from that moment on. The internal component weighed a lot, almost as much or more than the external one. We had to share with the employees the pride and sense of belonging that they had always felt towards the company

Our goal was to find a value proposal, an idea that synthesizes the essence of the company and that works for all its business areas, both those that already existed (engineering and maintenance of facilities and public services) and those that were in the process of being created towards the private sector.

The process allowed us to get closer to the human group that makes Urbia Services’ day-to-day work possible: their employees. Days of talks and group dynamics drew us into a cohesive group that was walking in the same direction. Engineers, labourers, maintenance technicians, administration staff… all stressed the unity of the group, the commitment among them and to the company.

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The Brand

At that time the company was mainly dedicated to engineering and maintenance services for public facilities such as gardens, motorways, sports centres, etc. Therefore, talking about the concept of “city” was key.

We were looking for a name with rich content or semantic path that could be used in communication for a long period of time. That is why we preferred to choose a name that was evocative, as opposed to a descriptive one that always more restrictive. The Latin word urbs, urbis was used in Rome to refer to the city physically, the built space and the infrastructures. It is a classic and evocative name, which transmits quality and prestige.

Another important concept to communicate was the importance of the human group, the employees. We chose the circle, which is the symbol of belonging, of the family. According to an ancient Etruscan tradition, a deep circular furrow with the plough was drawn around the land where a city was to be built. And according to the legend of the foundation of Rome, Romulus and Remus would have carried out this ritual and drawn the circle, which was called an orbis. Later, this word, which is, by the way, linked in its origin to urbs, came to designate the sphere and, finally, the terrestrial globe: the orb.

Red speaks of passion, of commitment. And the typography, of humanized professionalism.

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Urbia rebranding naming diseño
Urbia rebranding naming diseño 3
Urbia rebranding naming vehículo corporativo

The Story

To tell the story of the brand, we wanted to give a face to the team and give visibility to the work they do, in which they are involved professionally and with passion. An important insight was the concept of “the invisible jobs”, those that we only realise exist and how important they are when we notice that they fail: health, justice, maintenance, public safety, etc… They are not seen, they do not make noise, but they are there allowing everything to work, just like our heart. We do not notice their beating in our daily lives, we are not aware of it and we do not perceive it, but it is what allows us to stay alive.

Thus, we established the parallelism and the claim “The invisible heartbeat of your city” emerged.

There is a silent pulse, an invisible heartbeat that, while constant, we do not perceive; a kind of engine that we are barely aware of working; a perfect machinery that drives each beat, that regulates each of our movements; a constant work and a perfect rhythm that we do not see, we do not feel, but that makes life possible, takes care of us and supports us.

Welcome to Urbia Services, the invisible heartbeat of your city.

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The Photography

For the communication we asked photographer Dani Cardona for a series of portraits of the house staff. We wanted them to be the protagonists, to make them visible, to dignify and elevate their contribution. The images were accompanied by copies telling the type of work the employee in question did and how it affected our daily lives, with the aim of, on the one hand, connecting the brand with the end user, but also, so that the workers themselves would be aware of the importance of their work in people’s daily lives.

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