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Tótem Madrid Hotel is a new boutique hotel located in Hermosilla street, in the heart of the Salamanca district, one of the most important areas of restoration and luxury shopping in the capital. It is part of the portfolio of Marugal Distinctive Hotel Management, which specializes in the development, opening and management of independent luxury establishments. Since its opening in July 2016, it has been part of the Small Luxury Hotels label.

A careful interior design project carried out by the estudio Corium has perfectly combined the comfort required by today’s traveller with an elegant and well-kept environment that recovers or maintains many of the original elements of this unique 19th century building, such as the staircase or the mouldings.

A visit to the establishment allowed us to corroborate that everything in Tótem Madrid exudes that cosmopolitan, sophisticated and elegant ambient: a brand experience that we had to transfer to the digital environment through a new website that reflected and respected its unique personality. We were also aware of the importance of Hermosos y Malditos, their restaurant-cocktail bar, a space that could be considered the heart of the hotel, and which should occupy a prominent place in the architecture of the new website.

The redesign contemplates the reorganization of the structure of the website and preserves the editorial base of the design, which is very marked by the use of typography and images.

Two serif families were included in the typographic selection, to provide a classic and elegant look, in keeping with the philosophy and make of the hotel. The Lust for headlines and subtitles of didones, and the Caslon family, for texts run with Roman auctions, more used in press and editorial designs. For buttons and CTA’s, a contrast typeface of dry wood was chosen, the Gotham.

The result: a website that transmits the unmistakable personality of one of the most charismatic hotels in the centre of Madrid.

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