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Madrid Salud contacted us a few months ago to give shape to a new internal training project, aware of our experience in the IBSalut Electronic Prescription implementation project, and the La Ventana project in the Castilla la Mancha Health Service.

Madrid Salud asked us to naming the project and providing it with a graphic identity. In addition, and almost the most critical thing, was to build the digital experience that would give life to the project: to develop the dynamics of the operation of the community and to transfer it to the design of a web platform to which the health staff would have access in order to participate.

El naming

MéritUs, the name of the community, is a reflection of the plural reality in which we live, also in the professional field. It takes its name from Merit Ptah, a woman, like a large majority of the health personnel of the Madrid Health Service. She lived in Egypt in 2,700 BC, and was the first woman doctor known. It is also believed that she is the first woman mentioned in the history of science.

On the other hand, merit, in its Latin meaning, refers to any action worthy of reward, appreciation or praise. The ending us, referring to the English pronoun.

Meritus is its own collaborative environment, designed to share knowledge and highlight the good practices exercised by medical staff in the Community of Madrid. A place designed to teach, learn and share as a community, and also a place to feel valued for it.

MeritUs branding web poster
MeritUs marca web buenas prácticas

How it works

The new project is a knowledge-sharing community open to the participation of all health professionals from Primary Care Centres, hospitals and care directorates in the Community of Madrid. It is based on the periodic publication on the web of different clinical cases declared as good professional practices by a committee of experts. Each good practice consists of a clinical session with a video, and is associated with a questionnaire with multiple choice questions, one or more problem cases and different experiences of implementing the good practice presented.  The participants obtain credits for their professional career by completing the different tests, which will also allow them to increase their levels of knowledge until they become experts, which will enable them to publish new cases of good practices and to tutor and train their colleagues.

MeritUs marca web ejemplo
MeritUs marca web detalles mobile

Gamification and social enviroment

We have approached the project with criteria of gamification and in a social environment. In this way we incorporate the elements that usually appear in games into the learning process. Training with gamification means that the user who participates receives feedback at every step. The person ‘plays’ while he or she learns and the skills are developed in a playful context, thus enhancing the motivation, concentration and effort of the participants, thus achieving greater use of the contents and increasing engagement.

Technology is the great ally in these gamification processes. It must be simple to use, accessible to all, and without barriers. We have paid special attention to the design and usability of the interface, as well as to the interface of the mobile versions so that it can be accessed from any environment and hardware without suffering

The web is also an element of union between people and groups and therefore it is fundamental that the social approach prevails.

The project is now entering the technical implementation phase and we expect it to be online in a few months.

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