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There are projects that are a challenge in themselves because you have in front of one of the most recognized Spanish brands, both nationally and internationally, and a heavyweight in the global hotel industry, as is the case of Meliá Hotels International. In this context, we were asked to design a co-branding campaign for the Meliá Rewards channels to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the house and the 70th anniversary of the first transoceanic flights of Iberia to South America.

Meliá Rewards,
Meliá's voice

It should be borne in mind that the project in question affects the only brand in the house that is horizontal and that is the nexus in a vertical brand architecture organised on the basis of product and service. The responsibility is even greater because at the brand level, MeliáRewards operates and functions in all hotel brands adopting an interpretation of the values of the Meliá Masterbrand. Therefore, communication for MeliáRewards is also in effect the “voice” of the Masterbrand.

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Brand Concept

Meliá is a brand with a strong family nature, whose territory is defined by the warmth of the home and the care of those who love and care for you. It was necessary to plan a campaign with a marked emotional tone, which would tell stories that would touch the heart. This is how “Birthday, Fulfilling Dreams” came about, a series of video pieces linked to a competition on social networks in which one must guess the destination where this dream has come true, and where stories are told of the dreams that the two brands have helped to make come true, and all those that have yet to be fulfilled as a brand promise.

60 years is a lifetime

We design and define the entire network campaign, from the actions and formats to the graphic pieces and copies. We focused on three Iberia’s destinations in which Meliá had a presence, and we prepared some stories that took place in each of the destinations, aimed at and adapted to three specific user profiles that coincided in profile, interests and motivations with the attributes and personality of one of the Meliá brands.

The campaign fulfilled some dreams, those of the winners of the competition, but also the objectives set out in the project: to publicise the cobranding campaign with Iberia, give the brand visibility, and generate engagement in the main social channels of MeliáRewards.

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