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The new roof top of Aguas de Ibiza tastes like Peru. From August 2019, From August 2019, the spectacular roof terrace of this Grand Luxe Hotel de Santa Eulalia, with an infinity pool and wonderful views of the sea and the sunsets from the Main Pitusa, is the perfect location for Maymanta, the restaurant where Chef Omar Malpartida lands in Ibiza.

Back to origins

There is something telluric in Omar Malpartida’s kitchen, which takes you back to the land, to the jungle of his native Peru. The same jungle that pushed him to become a chef after an eight-month journey that discovered his vocation and allowed him to reconnect with himself.

Omar says that his first memory related to gastronomy is that of his grandmother Maria cooking at family celebrations. For him, his grandmothers Luzmila and Maria are the first memories of his origins. Luma, his Restaurant in Madrid named after the first two letters of their names, pays homage to them. There he offers a union of Peruvian and Spanish cuisine.

The new Maymanta (origin in Quechua) is precisely a trip back to all those memories, those flavours and that land that saw him born and grow up, to which he adds local products and the wonderful environment of the island.

The spontaneous Ibiza

Maymanta recovers and reinterprets its culture and cuisine through a journey of flavors and aromas typical of the different Peruvian routes: Amazon, Andes and Pacific mixed with Mediterranean and Ibizan products. Picarones, anticuchos, a cevichera bar or exquisite smoked wok based on cap roig sobrasada or the Ibiza lobster with aromas of sea fennel or carob and a peculiar pisco with Ibiza herbs will be some of its proposals of combined origins, the Peruvian and the Mediterranean.

This new collaboration between the chef and the Ibizan hotel reinforces the positioning of Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe Hotel to show a free, different Ibiza, far from stereotypes, combining a new concept of peaceful and unostentatious luxury with Mediterranean spontaneity and hospitality.

A colourful and tasty Identity

Maymanta’s Graphic Identity gives continuity to the typographical play that was planned for Luma, his brother in Madrid. In terms of colour palette, Maymanta reflects the ochres coming from the land and the Peruvian products, from the yellow pepper or the black mashua. Also the greens of the jungle or of Huacatay and ends the Mediterranean turquoises in a harmonic fusion with the origins that define the project.

In the articulation of the applications, the different ceramic sets that make up the restaurant’s decoration have been taken into account. From these, several patterns have been made that represent Omar Malpartida’s culture and background and are used as auxiliary graphics in applications and dies.

The photo and video shooting was planned with the art direction of Mandarina Brand Society (Juan Gavilán) and the technique and sensitivity of Salva López in the photos and OKO Audiovisual in the video. Images that mix that origin of fire and flavour with the golden light of Ibiza’s sunsets.

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