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The Gremi de Llibreters de Mallorca has been working for over 40 years to promote reading and bookstores on the island. In these four decades of work, no professional task had been carried out that translated the two fundamental pillars of this brand and the activity of this group into a logo.


Because being a bookseller transcends pure commercial activity. A bookseller not only owns a business, but a passion for words and literature that feeds and transmits to all its customers. Booksellers, today more than ever, are the guardians, caretakers, cultivators and promoters of these characters whose side by side, and over hundreds of pages, tell us stories, convey knowledge, emotions and the experiences of others that we make our own. These characters are the main figures and the graphic resource elements, the main thread of our proposal of graphic identity.  


To redesigning the Logo and the new Brand Identity, we choose as main typography Monosten Stencil Bold, because its 2 biggest characteristics:


  • All the characters use the same horizontal area, which evoques us to the books stand up in a library tray.
  • The qualification as Stencil remind us, with its openings to an open book, becoming this opening for the character in the same book spine.




The navy blue colour becomes the corporate colour and will be complemented by an auxiliary colour range based on the basic paper colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Green, from Arjo Wiggins’ Pop’Set range. In this way we achieve an up-to-date and colourful identity in a very economical way as the printing can be done with only one ink (navy blue). This gives the brand great freedom of use and application, and represents a considerable cost saving for the meagre economy of a group that must manage its resources very well.

Finally, for communications, random patterns are established which reinforce the openness of the proposed solution. They are made up of characters from the corporate typography itself, and in this way it is a question of giving prominence to the writing, which in the end is the protagonist of the whole project.

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