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Evelop! the airline company of Avoris Reinventing Travel (the new corporate brand of the travel division of the Barceló Group) takes off with determination. What had been the group’s own airline, and focused on complementing the tour operation service, is now in the midst of a process of fleet expansion and internal transformation with the aim of becoming a regular airline.

Evelop! offers four destinations in the Caribbean through its own website, and this year plans to add a fifth, with departures from different points on the Iberian Peninsula and the islands.

These plans for growth and change forced Ávoris to consider a redesign of the website they had until now, which did not provide an answer in terms of messages, design or functionality to the airline’s new project.


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Identifying the value proposition and providing solutions

After an analysis of the situation and the client’s briefing, and an analysis of the functionalities that the new project requires, at Mandarina Brand Society we propose and defend a creative and brand repositioning style far from the big airlines and we propose a web project in accordance with what we understand to be the new Evelop!.

The differential value of Evelop! is not in the size of its fleet or the large number of routes it covers, but in the services before and during the flight. EVELOP!’s biggest value is Customer Service, even as a link to the parent brand, as few tour operators are able to offer you all parts of the trip, including their own airline.

The in-flight entertainment program is very good, comparable to that of Virgin Airlines and is a very strong point of the flight experience on routes that can last about 9 hours. Thus, we propose and bet on developing the concept of their philosophy: “we want you to feel on vacation from the moment you get on the plane” and we developed a much warmer and brighter graphic, according to the colours of the destinations they fly to, and we renewed the typographic uses making the interface totally modernized respecting the brand identity.

At a web design level, the challenge of the project was to be able to propose a responsive (non-adaptive) interface in which the transactional part had a place without losing any UX. Flight and fare availability, seat selection and other usual processes in air ticket sales developments, have been raised to work properly in any of the media (desktop, tablet and smartphone) with comfort for the user.

The technical development of the project has been carried out by Ávoris‘ internal team.

The new Evelop! flies high, and we are proud to have participated in the process.

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