The love story from which a wine is born


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It was the last days of July 2017 when the owners of Torralbenc called us to ask us to put in images the story of their wine adventure, a piece of brand video that would serve to present what they are, what they do, their brand and their product. There was no script, there was no written history, we had to tear it out of their hearts, their memory, and the bowels of the rocky Menorcan soil, with the same determination and blind trust with which they managed to set up this project.

And there we went. 4 days, their nights, their sunsets and their dawns. Hours of recording, but also of chatting and approaching a passion, a love story between “some crazy gentlemen” and a hard land that did not let itself be scratched …

Behind every bottle of wine from Bodegas Torralbenc there is a story of love and commitment: love for the land and light of Menorca and its grapes. The rest is in this video piece and in the wine of its bottles.


Agency: Mandarina Brand Society.
Script: Juan Gavilán y Pilar Domínguez. Mandarina Brand Society.
Creative Direction: Juan Gavilán. Mandarina Brand Society.
Director: D. Johnson.
DP: Lluis Prieto.
Editor: Albert A. Sanchez.
Colorist: Daniel Fernandez.
Copys: Pilar Domínguez. Mandarina Brand Society.
Voiceover: CYO Studios.
Productor: D. Johnson.

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