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In autumn 2017 Avoris, the new corporate brand of the Barceló Group’s travel division, began a campaign to relaunch Iberojet. The historic brand, once owned by Orizonia and dedicated to B2B marketing, broke into B2C as OTA offering trips to the Caribbean and Mauritius.

In this new context, there is a need to reinforce its capacity to attract and generate interest in this new segment of the public, and to this end Ávoris proposes a strategy of valuable content that begins with this Iberojet destination guide.

Iberojet guías viaje grupo Barceló adaptación web
Iberojet guías viaje grupo Barceló detalles web

Contents to attract and convince

Content marketing has become key in the tourism industry, especially in the inspirational part of the trip, coming to play a decisive role in making purchasing decisions. It is about content designed to give visibility to the brand, positioning it as an expert in the destinations in question, but above all to generate trust and build lasting relationships.

In addition, this type of marketing allows positioning in search engines to be found by organic results instead of sponsored links and also generates traffic, leads and potential sales in its own sales channel.

Iberojet guías viaje grupo Barceló web responsive

A modular web design project

Iberojet’s destination guide has also been a modular web design project that makes it possible to assemble the pages with modules and allows them to be reused on different pages and for different uses, offering total freedom to Ávoris‘ internal team that has taken care of its technical development in order to evolve the page according to its needs.

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