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Our collaboration with Aguas de Ibiza started back in 2011, a couple of years after the hotel opened its doors. Since then, we have had the opportunity to create with them the development of a Brand that a year ago needed to evolve to meet the demands of their customers and the new standards of Mediterranean luxury.

We are talking about a concept more related than ever to the experiential Luxury that wants to connect with the younger generations from the responsibility with the environment and the integration in the destination, and in which the personalisation and the singularity of the experience stand out. In the case of Aguas de Ibiza, this experience is completed with the arrival of Maymanta, el restaurante del chef peruano Omar Malpartida in its new roof top.

Eco-Luxury and Mediterranean Spirit

About that, Aguas de Ibiza has always been a differential project in the Major Pitiusa. It was the first five stars and also embraced the category with a focus on the ecology and sustainability that we see today as being ahead of its time.

Aguas de Ibiza looked inwards; without a doubt, the Ibizan roots of the property meant that the concept of the hotel was always very close to that Mediterranean spirit of calm, relaxation, indulgence and self-care that is totally different from the hustle and bustle and partying that we often associate with the white island.

Without falling into folklorism, the property knew how to associate these values with an avant-garde design, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, as well as the most demanding standards in facilities and service.

To restyle Aguas de Ibiza Brand

To be consistent with the strategic path we were drawing for the Brand, we wanted to clean, order, bring light, eliminate the superfluous and strident details at a visual level.

To soften the lines; to redefine typographic estructure, to make them simple but delicate; to rethink the color by moving in a light and serene, almost ethereal blue; to transmit the delicate but unmatched halo of light of the white island, subtly, without stridencies. Rethinking the tone, focusing on the experience. Define a photographic style, perfectly delicate but with a tremendous personality, where the atmospheres build and welcome; a micro-world where what matters is to take care of yourself and feel good, inner peace… This and much more is the restyling of Aguas de Ibiza.

The website: inspiration for a stay.

As we already told in our post about web design for hotels, the web is often the first opportunity to generate a good impression, the first occasion to work the guest experience. In this case we are talking about a website that transfers the experience of the Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe hotel. Mediterranean spirit, without any concession to ostentation, but rather to relaxation and extreme indulgence, designed to immerse body and mind in the purest Ibiza spirit. The website was conceived as an inspiration for a stay and the best summary of it, incorporating nature and privacy to the stay in the luminous Santa Eulalia.

Once again, we opted for a versatile and fluid modular design that also allows us to propose responsive solutions that do not sacrifice the experience of browsing or viewing content.

A new Voice for a new generation.

Part of the process was to model the Verbal Identity, bringing serenity but also intelligence; an inspiring, modern, elegant, intelligent but also real and recognizable voice for its guests; and a writing style that should allow us to enjoy the sensations, distil relaxation, culture and modernity.

Reflecting an atmosphere, conveying an experience.

The spaces, the light, the details, and over everything, a way of understanding luxury based on the union of the most avant-garde design and the roots of the most purely Mediterranean and telluric soul. The summary of an experience that is a gift for the senses. Luxury to recover the well-being.

In this project the images needed to fulfil a double objective: to reflect the beauty of the different spaces and interior design without these being the protagonists, leaving the experience to take precedence over description. For this we counted on Salva López in the taking and edition of the images. We also incorporated OKO Audiovisual into the production team for the recording and editing of the video pieces, all under the artistic direction of our art director Juan Gavilán.


Our Restyling Project for Aguas de Ibiza has been awarded with three awards in the Luxury Advertising Awards 2019, Festival of luxury advertising and premium brands, in the categories of Luxury Corporate Identity, Web Spot and Web Design.

It has also been recognised with an Honourable Mention by the Awwwards awards, as well as the Mobile Excellence certificate awarded by the same professional directory.

Promotional Spot. Aguas de Ibiza, Grand Luxe Hotel.

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