Mandarina Brand Society expands its strategic area with the incorporation of Mar Suau as Hospitality Associated Consultant

At Mandarina Brand Society we have been discovering and building with you the extraordinary and soulful brand of your tourism business for more than 20 years, guiding it in its creation, management and growth. We believe in projects that understand the brand as a vital asset in its development and that knowing in depth the keys to a hotel business helps us to build better brands, brands that connect better, that convince better, and that generate more and better commercial opportunities. With this in mind, Mar Suau joins Mandarina Brand Society as Hospitality Associated Consultant, bringing her knowledge and expertise in the area of hotel consultancy to our strategic area and to our own clients.

The context is propitious. According to data from the international consultancy Christie & Co., although in recent years international groups have experienced the greatest growth in the Spanish hotel supply (16% of rooms), followed by national groups (4.5% of rooms), independent hotels have traditionally dominated the hotel supply in Spain, representing 59% of the total number of rooms in 2019.

On the other hand, although the Spanish hotel market has been dominated by 4 star hotels, the largest expansion has been registered in the 5 star category (+12% of rooms), largely driven by the entry of these groups. Over the last few years, a total of 29 new international brands have entered the Spanish market, 23 of them in the luxury and upscale segment.

There is a clear interest in luxury hospitality projects in Spain, not only from international brands, but also from private investors and investment funds. The luxury hospitality sector is a niche to which more and more investors from other sectors are coming to shape independent hotel projects based on excellence.

We believe that this is the right time to accompany these investors, our clients, in the construction of value and strategic development that allows them to have a fundamental and differentiating element in their business, both in their positioning as an independent brand, as well as with a view to attracting proposals from investors or international hotel companies. A strong own brand is stronger in the market and is also stronger when negotiating integrations in third-party business models, processes in which it is also important to have a brand vision that guarantees a correct merger and implementation depending on the chosen coexistence and exploitation model.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that 66% of the rooms incorporated by the international brands correspond to the holiday segment (14,904 rooms), while 34% of the remaining rooms belong to the urban segment (7,736 rooms). These are two market segments that both Mar Suau and Mandarina Brand Society know very well and to which we can bring all our expertise.

Mar is the daughter of hoteliers and co-owner of the Hotel Son Brull in Mallorca, she has more than 25 years of experience in this sector, always in independent hotel projects and focused on the higher end of the hospitality market.

In addition, Mar has been a member of the Relais & Chateaux Executive Committee and Board of Directors for 10 years and continues as a member of the quality commission, which ensures that the high standards set by the association are maintained among its members.

Building and repositioning brands with a business perspective throughout the brand cycle

The incorporation of Mar Suau reinforces our commitment to the upper scale of the hotel experience and offers the support that many of our clients demand for the definition of the hotel and tourism product itself, as well as its commercial and operational strategy that will ultimately lead to a relevant brand, thus broadening our strategic vision:

· Market studies to identify, characterise and understand the current situation of the destination in which the new business is to be implemented in order to make decisions that will determine whether or not the ideal scenario exists and the opportunity for the development or restructuring of the proposed tourism product: analysis of the destination, analysis of the hotel’s internal information, identification of competitive advantages, selection of the mix of target segments and selection of benchmark hotels.

· Within the strategic definition of our brand, we help our clients to build and conceptualise the most rational aspects of their hotel product, implementing their brand and concept positioning or repositioning plan in the most productive way and linking it to the most profitable market segments. To this end, we define the differentiation strategy, the product attributes (room mix, F&B, facilities, etc.) and service attributes, and we propose feasibility analyses.

In relation to distribution and marketing, we help define pricing policies, the commercial and sales plan, the contracting of distribution and sales channels, revenue management, affiliations, and we carry out the necessary projections to validate the strategy.

And finally, we shed light on the implementation phase, the moment of making everything planned in the opening and reopening phases a reality, ensuring the correct application of the defined service standards, and training the different departments on the brand values, concept, standards, etc. and monitoring the business KPIS (RN, ADR, RevPAR, Occupancy, etc.).

In addition, the arrival of Mar adds to our purpose linked to the environmental and social responsibility of tourism and hotel businesses and brands, driving their business and ethical transformation towards a more sustainable and humane model.

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