Mandarina Brand Society awarded at the Luxury Advertising Awards 2023

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At Mandarina Brand Society, as a branding agency specialising in the high-end tourism sector, we are particularly proud of the awards received at the last edition of the festival:

  • Special Award for the Agency with the Best Contribution to Brand Development
  • Agency GOLD 2023

It is thanks to the trust our clients place in Mandarina Brand Society as an ally and agency of reference for the creation or development of their brand that we are celebrating today.

We are not a typical agency and we get 100% involved in each project, discovering in depth what makes each of them unique in order to reflect it later in the project.

For this reason, the following awards are undoubtedly also for them:

Proyecto Tótem

Tótem Madrid

Restylling logo, Corporate Identity and Website

Tótem Madrid, a 19th century building located in Madrid’s Golden Mile. An icon of exclusivity where fashion and design converge, creating a meeting point in the heart of Barrio Salamanca. A place to show off without showing off, to enjoy freedom and style in the golden heart of the city of a thousand faces, a thousand lives, a thousand nights. A subtle, veiled place, a glance and an accomplice’s smile are the gesture of the person who welcomes you, opening the doors to this dazzling, cosmopolitan, creative and seductive Madrid. The most desirable luxury hotel for those who want to enjoy the uniqueness, splendour and elegance of the surroundings in an exclusive way.

“Discreetly iconic” is the tagline that creates the perfect connection to connect people who want to be seen without being seen; who are elegant and sober with an original touch giving rise to a unique personality. A charismatic and responsible brand, with an aura of vibrant cosmopolitanism within.

Tótem Madrid is the place in the centre of the centre, the anteroom of luxury, the epicentre of avant-garde, beauty, elegance and distinction; a whisper we share in our ears, a secret we keep in our hearts; the place to always return to in order to enjoy Madrid, where all the good things happen, always preserving the privacy of our guests and their desire for discretion.

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Proyecto Vestige Collection

Vestige Collection

Branding, Corporate Identity and Web Strategy

Vestige Collection is a unique project in the regenerative tourism sector, with a transformative prism and a marked halo of exclusivity, focused on the acquisition of emblematic properties that are part of the historical heritage. Buildings within natural and social ecosystems that the property recovers, restores and revitalises, respecting their essence and memory, and in which they integrate hospitality services under the strictest standards of excellence, so that others can discover them, enjoy them and make them their own. Vestige Collection integrates in its brand philosophy the respect, sensitivity, heritage, cultural and identity value of each of the buildings. A story to tell, A story to live. The possibility of sharing other dreamed dreams, behind the fallen walls and today renovated, to transform the visitor as much as the owner’s family, starting a path that allows them to discover in them the present experience and the story of tomorrow.

A brand that understands the recovery of these emblematic buildings as a legacy of life that will survive for future generations. A legacy of respect, nature, sensitivity, culture and identity. A past that outlines the future history, marked by care and love for the very essence and intrinsic heritage of the space and its surroundings. In this context and in coherence with it, starting from a symbol of high sentimental value for the family that already identified Palacio Figueras, we revalued this emblem, thus creating an indissoluble link between the first emblematic building of the collection and the new Vestige brand.

To create the visual identity, we revalued the family symbols that already identified Palacio Figueras and joined them indissolubly with the new Vestige brand, creating a link between the first emblematic building and the umbrella brand.

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Proyecto Priscilla Ferrer

Priscilla Ferrer Real Estate

Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity and Website

Priscilla Ferrer Real Estate has a DNA that makes her unique, she believes that there is an invisible bond between spaces and the people who inhabit them, an umbilical cord that creates an inexplicable link between properties and people. A brand that pivots around its intuition, preparation, professionalism, sensitivity and empathy with clients.

After more than 35 years in the luxury real estate sector in Puerto Rico, the key to his success and positioning in the market is closely linked to the way he works. Detecting that twinkle in the eye, that half-drawn smile, that dilated pupil before a new blank page, the possibility of a new life in a new home. They understand and delve deep to discover and get to know the aspirations and needs of each client, until they find the precise and precious place, unique and singular, that adapts to their way of being and living; that corner of the world where illusions come to life.

A unique style of Real Estate in which they offer accompaniment at all stages of the process, based on a deep knowledge of the market, its laws and a highly personalised service. A process in which the client becomes the protagonist of a life story that is about to arrive at the right place.

Tailoring solutions that uniquely match your needs, dreams and desires.

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